Accurate Business Coaching provides an array of services to small and medium-sized companies, all geared to help them "turn things around." The most important thing we offer is “a listening ear.”

We want to know who the business owners are, how and why they started the business, what makes them unique, and what they want to do with their business in the next few years.

We offer an initial, no-cost, no-obligation, assessment of your company's most urgent needs:

The How and Why

If your company is in a challenging season, we want to discover why. How will we do that? By spending the time to listen carefully to owners and executives as they relate which things cause pain, discomfort, arguments, yelling, and frustration ... exposing the root causes that negatively impact their organization's health. Simply stated, low employee morale, slumping sales revenues, escalating expenses, unusually high employee turnover, conflicts between owners, managers and direct reports can cripple a company.

Stabilize Corporate Culture

Our goal is to quickly stabilize and improve the "corporate culture," refocusing employee energy and getting everyone on the same page. Our experience confirms that this is where the most critical changes take place towards organizational vitality.

View From The Top

We also provide an objective view of your organization that involves what we call a "multi layer" assessment of the owners, stockholders, key stakeholders, and employees. This gives us a "view from ten thousand feet." Few consultants are willing and able to capture the "real needs of the firm" – we do and share our findings with the decision-makers.

The Win-Win!

Additionally, Accurate Business Coaching will examine what IS working, what is NOT working, and how to create more win-win scenarios.